An Idyllic Affair

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An Insula Ara ~ Sanctuary Island Tale

Series Tagline: Escape to Insula Ara, an island sanctuary that provides refuge… but it comes with a price.

Book Tagline: On the run from their enemies, an island sanctuary gives Geoff and Linnea time for An Idyllic Affair.

Series Blurb: Legend tells of a mysterious island called Sanctuary, inhabited by people who have been to hell and back—and lived to tell the tale.

It goes on to say, that if someone needs help, if they are truly without hope, island will come to them in their darkest hour and help them find the way.

But the assistance comes with a price. Their heart and soul may be lost to the island in the process.

Book Blurb: Privateers by trade, Geoff MacLeod and Linnea Jensen find sanctuary on Insula Ara, a mysterious island full of wonder and a tinge of darkness. When Geoff and Linnea embark on a quest to retrieve a badly needed part for their ship, they find their deep attraction for each other hard to resist, and under the spell of the island, they have to tread carefully or succumb to the swirling undercurrents.


“Hot damn, Captain… we pulled it off!”

Geoff MacLeod raised an eyebrow at his helmsman, Marcus Ramsey. “Let’s get clear of the blockade before we start celebrating, Mr. Ramsey.” He directed his attention to his executive officer, Linnea Jensen. “XO? Tell me we’re close.”

They gazed at the same the screenshot on the monitor, but where he relied on instinct for guidance, Linnea used cold, hard facts to their advantage. She’d know the instant their ship, the Charming Lady, would be beyond the obstruction and into semi-safe territory.

Linnea waited a beat then glanced up from her charts. “Another three hundred kilometers and we’re clear. So far, no pursuit from the Axis Prime.” Her face lit up with a grin, but fell flat when a bogie blipped into view on the monitor. “Shit. Check that. Three AP vessels, closing in fast.” She spun around, punched a button, and brought the holographic view screen up in the middle of the bridge. “We’re boxed in.”

Geoff moved to stand beside her. “Son of a bitch.”

It didn’t matter he and his merry band of mercenaries had only recently—and secretly—become sanctioned privateers for the United Forces. Things had finally heated up in the long, cold war between the two opposing factions and if Geoff and his crew were caught, the Axis Prime would parade them through the galaxy as a sterling example of the United Forces’ strategic failure. Even if the UF used plausible deniability regarding his covert activities, the blow could cripple the UF’s rapidly expanding resistance movement.

And the AP’s growing chokehold on the solar system needed to end.

So… they couldn’t get caught.

Linnea spoke softly. “We gotta make a move here, Captain. Your orders?” Her fingers flew over the keyboard and the holo image zoomed out, showing him a bird’s eye view of the galaxy.

Dammit, they had limited options. There were maybe two or three places they could lay low, but AP forces heavily guarded each of them. No doubt word had already gone out about the Charming Lady carrying a butt-load of weapons, ammo, and medical supplies recently liberated from an Axis Prime freighter.

Every AP ship in the galaxy would be gunning for them.

Geoff didn’t like those odds.

Instead of playing them, he decided to create his own.


Insula Ara ~ Sanctuary Island

An Idyllic Affair