Starry Sky Press


The personal imprint for ML Skye, Skylin O’Thomas and Skye Ritchey, showcasing short stories, novellas, and full-length novels a little different from the norm.


ML Skye has the Top Dog Pilots series, featuring two pilots who work and play hard while trying to maintain a relationship in deep space.


Skylin has the Black Unicorn Comics series, featuring a couple who works for an indie press, each with a comic series on the cusp of breaking out big. The stories are written as episodes and the cast of characters are quirky, fun, and keep the main duo on their toes.


Skye has several projects in the works, the main being the First Breed series, something of an X-files meets urban legends and freaky science experiments. The first novella is almost complete.


The authors look forward to tantalizing readers with romance that’s out of this world.