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A Magical Affair

A Magical Affair

Rainbow Book Reviews—jj (reviewer)

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Why shouldn’t there be sublime magic within exquisite entrepreneurialism? Well yes, ‘A Magical Affair’ presents just this kind of wonderful marriage. So three friends are going to be at a magical mansion as a Halloween weekend tryst. The two gals are scripting this to fulfill all of Heath’s fantasies. Oh, this sounds so delightful. I’m in!
Romy Bludd went to inspect Magic Meadows in preparation for their ad layout and ended up getting an invitation for their first trial run. Romy is totally confident that Jarvin and Vivica’s new retreat will manage to produce and support all of Heath’s fantasies that pretty much matches Romy’s fantasies as well. The young couple is in for the most amazing weekend of their lives.

Heath Graystone loves Romy completely… mind, body, and soul. Her penchant for calling all the shots sometimes drives him nuts, but he is simply completely under her spell. After Heath is fairly blown away by his initial impression of Magic Meadows and his delight that Stacie would be joining them, he slides right into character and laps up the luxury, the sense that the supposed illusions feel extraordinarily real, and his early recognition that his long held fantasies are coming to life!

Stacie Williams is a very good friend of Romy and Heath. She is also up to snuff on participating in all the scenes that call for her involvement. She provides a solid third member for the trial run, as she also seems to have to no hang-ups, just like Romy and Heath. Stacie was a real treat!

The Meadows supposedly sits atop an ancient wellspring of magic. Given what goes on during our trio’s three days in fantasyland, I believe real magic was mixed in with professional finesse. I wanted to book my fantasy weekend shortly after the first scene! I recommend you put your sense of doubt on the shelf and have an absolute blast!